How do I roll back or revert to a previous version of my form?

Paperform forms automatically save changes as you edit. You can see the current status of your form in the top-right corner of the form editor.

Saved status of form.

If there are changes that haven't yet been saved, there will be text that reads: “SAVE CHANGES”. You can select this to save the changes of the form manually. If the form is in a current state of saving, the text will read: “SAVING”. Otherwise, the text will read: “SAVED”

If you need to revert your form to a previous version, select the text that reads “SAVED”, to view all previously saved versions of your form. Then select the “Revert” that correlates to the previous version to revert your form.

Revert form to previous version.


  • Previous version history will show the most recent versions saved for up to 30 days.