How do I repeat groups of questions?

If you want to set up a form with a group of fields that repeat, there are two ways you can do this:

  1. Use an "Add another" option
  2. Respondent-specified quantity

The first option is especially handy for things like expense claims where you may capture transaction details including, but not limited to: vendor, description, amount, and date. The responded may then select to "add another" transaction including a fresh copy of the same fields in a new group.

The second option lends itself well to a potentially large number of groups of fields, such as asking how many people will attend a conference for registration purposes and then having groups for name, email, phone, etc. repeat X times, where x is the quantity specified by the respondent.

Both options are viable for either example, among others, so it's mostly a matter of personal preference.

1. Repeating groups of fields with an "Add another" option

To create a question group that is repeated as needed by respondents:

  1. Create the set of questions you want repeated in the same group by adding all questions to the same group using Add Question after the previous question.
  2. Ensure the last question in the group is of Yes/No question type and titled "Add another?" or similar.

At this point, your group should look similar to the following:

Example of a group to duplicate.

Now, select the Duplicate Group option that appears in the upper right-hand corner of the group when you hover over it. This will duplicate the entire question group.

You can duplicate the group as many times as you'd like. The amount of times you duplicate the group will be the amount of times that a respondent can "add another."

For example, suppose you want to allow a maximum of 5 transactions to be submitted with an expense claim form. To allow up to 5, but not exceeding 5, you would duplicate the group 4 times.

Why one less than the maximum amount of groups I want?
The first group is not a duplicate of another group. You created it in step 1 at the beginning of this section. Every group after is duplicated based on that base group. So, you start with 1 group no matter what. To get a maximum of 5 groups (continuing the example above), you would need 1 + 4 groups. Thus, you need to duplicate the base group 4 times.

The location of the Duplicate Group option is shown in the image below.

The location of the 'Duplicate Group' option.

Once you've got your duplicated groups to your liking, insert a section break in between each group of questions.

Section breakSection break

Configure the break by selecting the gear icon to the right of the line. Make sure the break is set to On the same page and set the section visibility logic such that the group below the break only appears if Add another? is equal to Yes from the previous group.

Configuring a break to be on the same page and adding logic.

You're all set! Give your form a test run and let us know if you run into any bumps.

Note: Ensure the last question group does not have "Add another?" or similar. If you leave it on the last question group and a respondent clicks it, nothing will happen because there is no duplicated question group beyond that. This can cause your respondents to become very confused.

2. Repeating groups of fields based on quantity.

To create a question group that is repeated as many times as the respondent wants:

  1. Create a question that asks how many question groups the respondent needs, setting the question to "How many people do you want to register?" or similar and setting the type to Number.
  2. Click below the question group on a new line and create a new question group, inserting the questions in this new group that you want to be repeated as many times as the respondent needs.

Caution: Do not click Add Question at the bottom of the group that asks the respondent to specify how many they would like. You want the questions that you'll duplicate to be their own distinct group.

If you've been following along, your form should look similar to the following image:

Shows how to ask a respondent a number question and set up a group for duplication.

Hover over the group of questions that you want to be repeated and select the Duplicate option in the upper right-hand corner of that group. This will copy the entire question group.

Duplicate that group one less time than the maximum amount of times you want the respondent to be able to answer that group of questions. For example, building on the example in the image above, suppose you want no more than 5 people to register per submission. You would select Duplicate 4 times. This would give you the base group plus 4 duplicates, for a total of 5 identical question groups.

Hovering over the question group brings up options in the upper right-hand corner.

Shows how to duplicate a group.

Now that you've duplicated your groups, add section breaks in between each question group, including after your "how many" question group.

The red lines in the below image are section breaks.

Section breaks between question groups.Section breaks between question groups.

Select Configure by selecting the gear icon to the right of the section break. Display the content below the break On the same page.

Now for the tricky part. On the section break before each question group, you will want to specify visibility logic such that the answer to "how many" is more than the question group's spot minus one.

If the question group is the third group of identical questions, its spot is #3. Therefore, you want "how many" to be more than 2. If "how many" is greater than 2, it is at least 3, if not more. Explained in another way, the third question group should only appear if the respondent wants to register 3 or more people for the event.

The section containing question group #3 would use the following logic.

Question group 3 should appear if the answer is more than 2.Question group 3 should appear if the answer is more than 2.

Continue this for each group, and you should have something like this:

Logic for all sections.Logic for all sections.

You're all set! Give your form a test run and let us know if you run into any bumps.


There isn't currently a way to allow for unlimited repeats. That is, you must create and duplicate question groups in the editor up to the maximum amount of groups you want available to the respondent.

For example, if you want to allow up to 5 repeats, you must set up 5 groups as described in the above instructions.