Do you offer discounts for Paperform?
Yes, we offer Not for Profit discount and a Referral Program. Read on to learn more.
Does Paperform have an Affiliate program?
There is no active user affiliate program at the moment. We are open for partner affiliate opportunities though.
How can I talk with someone to ask a question or get some help?
You can contact us at or open a new chat using the chat icon at the bottom right of the site.
How is Paperform different to other form builders?
Here's how we stand out from the other form builders out there.
How to I add checkbox field quickly?
You can use a slash command as a shortcut to add a checkbox field quickly.
How to I get in contact with Paperform and speak to a person?
Talk to us using the chat widget on site, or by emailing us at
Is there an overview of Paperform?
There sure is! You can learn all the basics in this 15 minute overview.
Slash Commands Overview
Slash commands act as shortcuts for specific actions within the Paperform form editor. There are three types of slash commands that you may be able to use in your workspace.
What is your contact information for legal inquiries?
Please contact with any legal inquiries.
Where can I find out about jobs at Paperform?
You can view open roles at Paperform at
Where can I submit a guest post for your blog?
You can find more information about contributing to our blog here: