Can I archive completed documents in Papersign?
Documents that have been signed by all parties can be archived, removing them from the main page of the dashboard.
Can I change Papersign plans during my trial?
New accounts start on a Papersign Pro trial, but you can switch over to Papersign Free if you prefer at any time.
Getting Started with Papersign
Learn how to create your first document and collect signatures with Papersign, an eSignature solution from the creators of Paperform.
How do I add text blocks to PDFs in Papersign?
Text blocks are used to add plain (read-only) text to uploaded PDF pages.
How do I create tables in Papersign?
You can create tables on original pages of agreements in Papersign. Text, fields, and images can all be placed inside of cells.
How do I delete documents in Papersign?
Document drafts and sent documents that have not been signed by all parties can be deleted permanently.
How do I integrate Paperform with Papersign?
With the Paperform to Papersign integration, a web form submission can automatically generate and send an eSignature document.
How do I nominate a different signer in Papersign?
If you've been sent a signature request from Papersign, you might have the option to nominate another signer.
How do I reject a Papersign document?
You can reject a signature request from the "More Actions" menu after opening the document.
How do I send multiple documents at once in Papersign?
You can send multiple documents at once using Papersign's batch-sending wizard.
How is the signed document limit counted on Papersign's Free plan?
Papersign's Free plan allows for three signed documents per month. Learn how these are counted, and how to manage pending documents.
Managing documents in the Papersign Dashboard
The Papersign Dashboard is the place to manage all documents associated with your account.
Papersign FAQ
Frequently asked questions about Papersign, the eSignature solution by Paperform.
Papersign Signers' Guide
Have you received a signature request via Papersign? Learn everything you need to know about filling out and submitting documents.
Papersign Style Guide
Learn how to set fonts and colors, add headers and footers, and upload images to your Papersign documents.
Papersign Templates Guide
Learn how to set up variables and signer attributes so that your documents are easy to reuse again and again.
Using Spaces and Folders in Papersign
You can use Spaces and Folders in Papersign to stay organized and share documents across your team.
What does a document's status mean in Papersign?
Each document in the Papersign dashboard has a certain status, which indicates where it is currently in the signing process.
What does a signer's status mean in Papersign?
After sending a document, you can view the progress of each participant under the *Status* column in the document's *Details* tab.
What types of fields are available in Papersign, and how are they configured?
Papersign currently offers five types of fillable fields: Text, Date, Signature, Checkbox, and Dropdown.