How is Paperform different to other form builders?

Paperform is an online platform that enables anyone to create online forms or product pages quickly, intuitively, and on brand - all without writing code. Whether you’re involved with - organizing events, sporting groups, marketing agencies, tech startups, or any other project, Paperform is a beautiful and robust solution.

Quickly and simply create or customize forms and pages that take payments, and are easy for your customers and communities to complete on mobile or desktop. Our forms are part of a larger page that can be themed and formatted to your liking. It easy to share and integrate your forms in various ways, including through Zapier, Make, social media, email, and embedding.

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How exactly are you different from other form builders on the market?

Easy - no more frustrating, slow, and restrictive drop & drag interfaces

You’ll create forms faster with our unique free-text form editor, rather than using a clunky interface. Writing content and adding questions, payments, appointment calendars, and media is as easy as typing directly into your form, just like a doc™ (even use shortcuts!). Competitors dictate the flow of your form and require you to change back and forth between typed text and restricted “blocks” of content, whereas Paperform gives you the freedom to create as you like. You’re in control of fast, easy creation. We also work closely with our partners to deliver smooth embedding, sharing, and integrations.

Screenshot of the Paperform interface, displaying in line editing features.

Beautiful - raise low response rates and conversions with irresistible forms

“Forms don’t need to look good, they’re just forms”, said the folks with poor response rates.

People act on emotion, and visuals elicit emotion; it’s science. Paperform gives you a much, much finer level of control over the aesthetics of your form. Fonts, sizing, formatting, colors, images, video, hyperlinks, UI elements, page breaks, customized languages, you name it, we’ve got you covered. No need to code… and even then, we support CSS & HTML just in case.

Our competitors don’t even come close when it comes to empowering you with styling and design options. The result is our signature Landing Form™ - a landing page with forms built-in with rich content that demand attention, and make you irresistible. Even if you just want a clean, simple form without the fuss, we make it look good. That means more sales, sign-ups, and responses.

Screenshot of the Paperform Theme Settings.

Yours - do no harm to your online reputation and strengthen your brand

Customization isn’t just about being beautiful, it’s also about standing out. Paperform supports your reputation and your brand. Your forms will look like your forms. With control over your aesthetics and embedding, custom PDFs, success pages and redirects, your brand will shine through rather than looking like a “Paperform form”. Other form creators produce forms that are distinctive to their own brand rather than fitting in seamlessly with your website and branding guidelines. This makes embedded forms a jarring experience. Your customers are confused, and at times even suspicious of entering their details. Paperform provides you with a form that seamlessly looks and feels like it's yours. Like this.

One tool, lots of uses - save brain-space and money with one versatile tool. A Digital Swiss-Army Knife

Not superficial? Good. We’re not just a pretty face. Paperform is an incredibly powerful tool, and so much more than a form builder. Where typical form builders specialize in a few types of forms, we support a range of needs. We work tirelessly to bring you a high-end, quality product that allows you to create anything from registration forms, eCommerce pages, surveys, application forms, proposals, project scopes, invitations, and more.

That’s especially awesome if you’re in eCommerce - you can capture much more complex info on your customers than just payment information. Drop the mental weight of using lots of tools for your projects, get more done, and save money on numerous subscriptions - with hundreds of integrations available in Paperform itself. Need some inspiration? Check out our templates to see what’s possible.

Screenshot of the Paperform dashboard displaying the forms.

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