Can I create by mobile device, or only on laptop and desktop computers?
You can create and edit forms on a desktop or laptop. You cannot create or edit forms on mobile devices, such as phone or tablet, however, you can access your dashboard and view forms on mobile devices.
Can I create physical forms, or are they only digital?
We only facilitate the creation of digital forms and don't support the creation of physical or printable forms.
Can I pay someone to create a form for me?
We don't offer a service where you can hire someone to build a form, but we can get you in touch with someone who does.
Does Paperform have an app in the Google Play store or Apple App Store?
No, Paperform is a responsive site available across devices and browsers at
Does Paperform support HTML and CSS?
As a part of our Agency plan, we support adding custom HTML and CSS.
Does Paperform work offline, or do I need an internet connection to access forms?
You must be connected to a live internet connection for Paperform to be accessible. We don't support offline access.
How do I change my trial plan?
Want to try out a different plan to the one you're on? Easy - just head to your account settings at
How do I make a product suggestion or feature request?
You can let the Product Team know about a feature request or suggestion via chat or email.
How long is Paperform's trial, and what do I have access to?
Paperform provides a 14 day, no credit card required, free trial which includes full access to all features for the plan you're trialing.
How many forms can I have?
How many would you like?
How many sites can I embed on?
There are no limits to how many websites you can be embedded on at one time.
How many submissions can I have for my forms?
Paperform submission entries are very generous and vary depending on what plan you’re on.
How many views can I have on my forms?
It depends on the plan you're on.
How much do direct integrations cost?
Direct Integrations have no additional fees or charges, so you'll just pay your Paperform subscription fee as usual.
How much storage do I get on Paperform, and for how long?
Paperform allows unlimited storage of form data across all Pricing Plans, however there are limits on how long we will store your data for.
What are Basic vs Advanced features in 'Theme & Customize Forms'?
These describe the styling options available on different plans: Essentials offers basic customisation, whilst Pro and Agency offer higher levels of control.
What features does Paperform have?
See for plan and features details.
What happens to my account and forms after my trial ends?
If your trial ends and you have not upgraded to a paid account, your forms will no longer be live to the public and you will not be able to create or edit your forms unless you upgrade to a paid account.
What happens to the features used in my forms that are only available on my current plan if I downgrade?
If you downgrade to a plan that doesn't support all the features included in your forms, then they will either cease to exist on the form, cease to function as desired, or be uneditable.
What size limits are there on file and image uploads?
There are size limits on files your respondents upload to forms, depending on your plan.