How much submission storage do I get on Paperform, and for how long?

Paperform allows limited submission storage that varies for each plan. To see a full comparison between plans, view our pricing page here.

Submission storage refers to the number of submissions Paperform will store for you at any one time. This limit refers to the number of submissions across your entire account, not the number of submissions per form.

When you have reached 50% and 75% of your limit, we will warn you before reaching your limit.

If you reach the limit, you will be notified. There will be a short grace period in which your forms remain active, after which they will be closed until the number of submissions you have, drops below your limit. You can either upgrade your Paperform Subscription to a higher plan to increase your limit or delete some submissions. You can upgrade in the Billing Section of our Account Settings.

All submission data can be downloaded as a CSV or PDF through the submission results tab of your Paperform dashboard.

You can also connect Paperform with over 1500 Apps using Direct Integrations, Zapier or Make to take your data elsewhere. We also support Webhooks. Are you looking to bypass Paperform storage altogether? Here is our help article on disabling Paperform submission storage.