Some businesses may want to store submission information on their own systems, and use Zapier or Webhooks to transfer submissions to their own databases. Here's more the two types of data we store, and how you can disable Paperform's storage of this data:

  1. Submission Data

Submissions that comprise of characters, such as text, number fields, multiple choice, and anything entered into a field are stored in the USA using AWS. Users can turn submission storage off using the "Disable storage of results on Paperform” toggle in the editor, however note that the data still hits our servers for a short period of time so we can send it where they want it (via webhooks or integrations).This does not include file uploads, including image files: these will still be stored even if the Disable Storage toggle is turned on. Read on in the File Upload Storage section to understand why.

To turn submission data storage off:

  1. In the form editor go to Configure → Form Behaviour.
  2. Toggle on “Disable storage of results on Paperform”.
  1. File Upload Storage

File uploads are stored by Paperform on Amazon's file storage service "S3".

We treat uploads separately to other submission data for "turn storage off", and only delete these on request. This is because the images have to be hosted to be viewed/retrieved. For Pro and Agency users we offer the opportunity to bring-your-own S3 Bucket Bucket (BYO S3) to store files on, which means that when a file is uploaded on a form, it goes straight to your bucket, instead of ours.

If you'd like to set up your own BYO S3 bucket, email us at and we'll walk you through it :)