How can I share form results and get my data to others?

There are several features available to help you share your data with others by exporting, integrating, and printing results.

Export your submission results

Head to your dashboard, click on the form you wish to view, and then select "Submissions". Here you can:

  • Download all results in one file (CSV).

  • Download individual results as a PDF or Word doc.

    Screenshot of the Paperform Dashboard accessing "Submissions".

Bulk Submission Exports

When exporting over 10,000 submissions at once, we'll send your exported submissions to your primary Paperform account email address for download.

Depending on the number of exported submissions, it's normal for this to take a few hours while your request is processed.

Auto-send submission summaries

Automatically send a submission summary to anyone (yourself, the person submitting, or whomever else you like). See Email Responses for more information.

Integrate & auto-send data to other apps

You can automatically integrate & send results into your other apps (CRMs, Google Sheets, etc.) using integrations. We support a number of direct integrations, and hundreds more are supported by Zapier and Make. See our Integrations Page for more on automating where your results land.

Print reports

Share your reports by selecting the "Report" tab and selecting "Print" at the top of the window.

Export analytics

If you’re on selected plans, you can select the the "Analytics" from within the "Submission tab" and export your analytics as an CSV file by selecting this option at the top of the window.

To print this page instead, use Ctrl + P (Windows) or ⌘ + P (Mac).