Can I capture info besides answers, like IP address or the device type?

In addition to the answers to the questions on your form, Paperform captures a bit of other information about the device used to fill it out.

You'll find some of these in the submission results for your form, such as the public IP address of the submitter's network. Exporting your results as a CSV will also show the device type used (desktop, mobile, or tablet).

Direct Integrations

You might also want to pass this information to other apps using direct integrations.

A screenshot of the settings for a direct integration, which is sending the submission time, IP address, device type, and browser name.

To send info other than answers through to an integrated app, you can use these keys:

  • {{ total }} — The total price, determined from Products, Price fields, and Custom Pricing Rules.
  • {{ score }} — If you have configured Scoring, this shows the total score.
  • {{ coupon }} — If a coupon was applied, this shows the coupon code.
  • {{ submitted_at }} — A timestamp of the submission. This will use the Timezone and Date Format set in your Account Settings.
  • {{ submission_id }} — The unique ID for this submission.
  • {{ device }} — The type of device used (desktop, mobile, or tablet).

More information about the device, browser, and network can be found using these properties:

  • {{ device.device }} — The name of the device (e.g. Macintosh, iPhone).
  • {{ device.platform }} — The submitter's operating system.
  • {{ device.browser }} — The name of the browser used to submit the form (e.g. Chrome, Firefox).
  • {{ device.user_agent }} — The browser's user agent string.
  • {{ device.ip_address }} — The public (external) IP of the submitter.

The same information is available when integrating via third-party services Zapier and Make (Integromat).


  • Some of the keys listed above are supported in other places where answer piping is supported after submission, such as custom PDFs. They are not all supported in every case, however, so make sure to test them out thoroughly if you'd like to give it a try outside of an integration.
  • The {{ device }} key will not appear in the Answer Piping options unless at least one submission has been received on your form.