How can I tell where leads are coming from on my form?

In addition to using Paperform's built-in analytics to view basic information about your form traffic and drop-off questions, you can easily add Google Analytics and/or Meta Pixel to your forms to track more detailed form traffic and conversions. Selected plans may add scripts from other analytics services as well, including Google Tag Manager.

We also support the capture of UTM parameters and other pre-filling on all plans.

Third-party analytics

Head to Configure → Analytics to connect any outside analytics services for your form. All users will see the option to add codes for Google Analytics or Meta (Facebook) Pixel. Selected plans can also add custom scripts.

Screenshot of the page found at Configure → Analytics. Fields include "Google Analytics," "Facebook Pixel," "Page load scripts," and "Successful submission scripts."

UTMs & pre-filling

Your form will capture UTM parameters if they are used when linking or embedding your form. You can also use pre-filling to capture any values from the query string into hidden form fields.

If your form is embedded, you may want to set it up to inherit URL parameters from the parent page. This way, any parameters on the page where it is embedded will come through in the form's results.

Built-in analytics

Paperform's built-in analytics doesn't track the referrer, but you can still use it to analyze behavior on your form. From the Dashboard, click the "X Results" button to view its Submissions page. From there, you can select "Analytics" from the left-side navigation.

Selecting Analytics from a form's Submissions menu


If your form is embedded, the referrer for analytics added to the form will be the URL of the iframe in which the form is embedded (your form's URL), not the URL of the page in which it is embedded.