How do I view and share Partial Submissions?

With Paperform, you can view submission data, even if the respondent doesn’t submit the form.

Exclusively available with selected pricing plans, you can get answers to questions even when someone forgets to answer, or abandons a form part way through. We store these for a period of 30 days from when the form is first filled in by the respondent.

To access partial submissions:

  1. From your Dashboard, find the form and click the "X Results" button. (If you're already editing the form, you can also find this page under Share → Results → Go to submissions.)
  2. Click on "Partial Submissions" in the side bar of the Submissions page.
  3. You can export the data as a CSV file using the "Export" button at the top of the data table.
  4. You can delete individual submissions by selecting the checkbox next the submission and then "Delete." Or you can select "Delete All" to delete everything.


We also offer support to access Partial Submission data through our read-only API.


  • We honor the browser’s "Do not track" setting. If do not track is enabled, then the partial submission will not be available.
  • We do not currently support sending email notifications, webhooks or triggering zaps for partial submissions, but we plan on supporting this in the future.
  • Partial submissions are only kept for 30 days.