Can I capture info besides answers, like IP address or the device type?
Some additional information appears in your submission results, and you can pass this info along to your integrations too.
Can I disable storage of submissions on Paperform?
You can bypass Paperform's storage and use Integrations, Zapier, or Webhooks to transfer submissions to other platforms and databases. This article will go through the three main types of data and how this data is stored.
Can I export to Excel?
We don't support exporting directly to Excel. However, you can export to CSV which is compatible with Excel, along with many other spreadsheet applications (Numbers, Google Sheets, etc).
How are Drop-off questions calculated?
Drop-off questions are calculated as the last question a user was answering when they abandoned a form.
How can I create a unique ID for a submission?
When a new submission is received on your form, Paperform automatically creates a unique alphanumeric Submission ID.
How can I create a unique number for a submission?
Paperform already provides a unique identifier for each submission received. If you'd still like to produce a number for each response then this can be achieved via the use of a Calculation field, a feature exclusive to our Pro and Agency plan.
How can I restrict submissions to one per user?
It's not possible to restrict submissions to one per user. Forms do not require users to be logged in so there is no way of definitively knowing if someone is submitting a form twice. There are some ways you can process your submission data to remove duplicates.
How can I search for a particular submission?
To search for a particular submission type a keyword (email, name, contact, etc) into the search bar of the submissions section, this is found in your dashboard.
How can I share form results and get my data to others?
There are several features available to help you share your data with others by exporting, integrating, and printing results.
How can I tell where leads are coming from on my form?
In addition to Paperform's built-in analytics, you can easily add Meta Pixel or Google Analytics to your forms to track your form traffic and conversions.
How do I change the order of date values that display on my reports and submission summaries?
You can change the format that dates display in from your Account Settings.
How do I delete submissions?
You can delete submissions from your form's submissions page, accessed from the Form Editor or the Paperform Dashboard.
How do I refund my customers from Paperform submissions?
You can issue refunds right from the Paperform dashboard for all of our currently supported payment gateways.
How do I view a submitter's uploaded files?
You can view a submitter's uploaded files through the Submissions section of your dashboard.
How do I view and share Partial Submissions?
Users with selected pricing plans can access Partial Submission data for 30 days after each drop-off.
In my submissions export, how do I split multiple question responses into separate columns?
Multiple choice and dropdown questions that have multiple answers separate answers with commas when exported. Here's how you can split them out into separate columns.
What action can I take to find duplicate submission entries?
You can find submission duplicates by importing your results to a sheet, and then sorting the results by a unique identifier (IP Address, email, name, etc.).
When exporting form's results to CSV file can I use a semicolon rather than a comma?
Form results exported as a CSV file will need to use a comma in order to separate values. It is not possible to change this to a semicolon.
Where is my submission data stored?
You can access your forms submission from the Dashboard.
Why am I losing partial submissions?
There are a number of reasons why this could be happening, here are some possibilities.
Why is my respondent's signature image black?
Sometimes when you open a signature image directly from the dashboard, it appears to be completely black. The signature will be visible if you save the file to your computer and then open it directly.