How do I refund my customers from Paperform submissions?

If you have a Braintree, PayPal Business, Stripe, or Square (web only, no Point of Sale) account connected to your Paperform forms, you can issue a refund to your customers without ever having to leave your Paperform dashboard.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to your Paperform dashboard

  2. Select the ‘Submissions’ button of the desired form.

  3. Find the submission you want to refund in the list of submissions, and click on the “refund” link on the appropriate row.

    Screenshot of the submission results.
  4. Click on the hyperlinked ‘Refund’ for the submission you wish to refund. You will then see a confirmation of this refund - select ‘OK’.

  5. The window will think for a few seconds; “Refunding…”, and then display a confirmation window.

    Screenshot displaying "Successfully refunded".
  6. Once complete, the submission you have refunded will now display without the hyperlink, and with a strike-through.

    Screenshot of the submission results - showing that the cost has been refunded.

All done! The amount will be refunded to that customer.

Alternatively, you can refund the customers by logging into the payment gateway that you are using.