What are direct integrations?

Paperform is all about capturing information, so it's crucial that you can get your submission data into the systems you use.

"Indirect" integrations

To enable you to realize your use cases as much as possible, we offer the ability to integrate with thousands of other services through third-party solutions such as Make or Zapier. These are considered "indirect" integrations since those services act as brokers, taking in data from your forms and then passing it along to another service afterward.

Direct integrations

While Zapier and similar services certainly are powerful, nothing beats the simplicity of a direct integration.

Paperform's direct integrations allow you to integrate with numerous other services directly from your form, reducing the amount of services you need to juggle and keeping configuration all in one place.

You can check out our direct integrations and set one up by heading to After Submission → Integrations & Webhooks from the form editor.

Missing your favorite integration or action?

Let us know! We continually improve existing integrations and add new ones based on various factors, including feedback from users.

Contact us via chat or email us at support@paperform.co.