How do I integrate with Notion?

With our Notion direct integration, it is now easy to integrate your forms.


We support the following actions:

  • Add new page to a database
  • Embed new page in a page
  • Add content to page

Connect to your Notion workspace

You can provide access to one or more Notion pages by using either of the following methods:

  • Sign in with Notion (OAuth)
  • Private integration (token)
Screenshot of the pop-up window, "How would you like to connect?" Includes "Sign in with Notion" button, or the option to add an Integration Name and Token.

Signing in is the easiest and preferred method, allowing you to pick the pages you want the integration to have access to. You may use a private integration instead, if you prefer, but you'll need to be an admin of your workspace.

Review Notion's documentation on managing integrations in your workspace for more information.

To connect an account:

  1. Head to After Submission → Integrations & Webhooks from the form editor.
  2. Select Notion in "Direct Integrations" and choose your desired action from the list.
  3. Click "Add Account +" to connect your Notion account.
  4. Follow the prompts to complete setting up the action.

You can remove or rename your Notion account at any time in your account settings.

Quick Integration

Our Notion integration is a supported Quick Integration.

This means that you can:

  1. Choose a Notion database from your account.
  2. Automatically pull in some or all of the columns from that database as questions to your form.
  3. Paperform will automatically set up the direct integration.

To use the quick integration:

  1. Select a blank line in the editor and type /notion.
  2. Select the quick integration for Notion from the list that appears.
  3. Follow the prompts to set up the quick integration.

Once created, you can modify the integration at any time by going to After Submission → Integrations & Webhooks from the form editor.


Format page contents

Paperform has experimental support for rich content when adding content into Notion. To do this, content needs to be written in the lightweight markup language called Markdown that we've extended to support some of Notion's specific content types.

Not all content is supported.

We support:

  • Headings

    # Heading 1
    ## Heading 2
    ### Heading 3
  • Unordered lists

    * Bullet points
  • Ordered lists

    1. Numbered
    2. Lists
  • Todo items

    - [ ] Incomplete todo item
    - [x] Complete todo item
  • Formatted text

    `inline code`
  • Toggle lists

    > List text
    Collapsed text that is only visible if you toggle the list
    I'm not in the toggle list since there's a blank line between us

Any Markdown that is unsupported will either fall back to plain text, or not be included in the page.

Supported Database Field Types

The field types supported for your Notion Database on Paperform can be found listed below:

  • Title
  • Rich Text
  • Number
  • Select
  • Multi Select
  • Date
  • Checkbox
  • URL
  • Email
  • Phone Number

Other field types are not currently supported.


I can't see a page (or database) in the integration

In Notion, integrations are treated like users — they don't automatically get access to all of your pages. However, you can give them access easily by sharing the page with them via the "Share" menu in Notion, similar to how you would share with a teammate.

When I try and connect Paperform, it says it's already connected to my workspace

Notion integrations may only be connected to a workspace once. If you or another admin on your Notion workspace connected a Paperform account, it cannot be added again unless it is removed from the workspace in Notion.

Alternatively, you can create a private integration for your workspace, and connect with that instead of using the standard connection.