How do I integrate with Help Scout?

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With the Help Scout direct integration, it is now easy to create new conversations in Help Scout from your form submissions.


We support the following action(s):

  • Create a Conversation

Connect your Help Scout account

  1. From the form editor, go to After Submission → Integrations & Webhooks.
  2. Under "Direct Integrations" select "Help Scout".
  3. Select an action.
  4. Click "Add Account +" and follow the prompts to connect your Help Scout account.
  5. If successful, your account will be connected and automatically selected in the action.
  6. Continue setting up the action, if desired.

You can remove or rename your Help Scout account at any time in your account settings.

Set up an integration action

Let's cover creating a new conversation based on a form submission.

Create a conversation

For required fields, you must select:

  • Mailbox - Choose the mailbox to create a conversation in.
  • Customer Email - Input the customer's email.
  • Subject - Input the subject for the conversation.
  • Message - Input the message that begins the conversation.

All of the above except for the mailbox are great candidates for answer piping, which lets your action dynamically pull in data from every unique submission.

The remaining fields are optional.


Want to be able to do more with Help Scout? Let us know at