How do I integrate with Campaign Monitor?

Campaign Monitor

With the Campaign Monitor direct integration, it is now easy to integrate your forms.


We support the following action(s):

  • Add or Update a Subscriber

Connect your Campaign Monitor account

  1. From the form editor, go to After Submission → Integrations.
  2. Under "Direct Integrations" select "Campaign Monitor".
  3. Select any action.
  4. Click "Add Account +" and follow the prompts in the popup that appears to connect your Campaign Monitor account.
  5. If successful, the popup will close and your account will be connected and automatically selected.

You can remove or rename your Campaign Monitor account at any time in your account settings.

Set up an integration action

Let's cover how to set up a specific action: adding or updating a subscriber.

Add or update a subscriber

  • Client — Select the client you want to use. Unless you manage multiple clients, this is typically just your company's name that you used when signing up for the account.
  • List — Choose the list you add the subscriber to, even if already subscribed.
  • Email — Enter the email address of the subscriber.

The remaining fields are optional, including custom fields.

Custom fields

Custom fields are pulled in from Campaign Monitor and allow you to set or update fields as desired. We do not support all field types. Please see below for supported types.

Supported types

  • Text
  • Number
  • Date

If a type is not listed above, it is not supported. Unsupported types will not appear in the list of custom fields in the action's setup.

Field visibility

Your field may be marked as "hidden" or "visible" on Campaign Monitor. These options control something else in Campaign Monitor and do not affect whether these fields will be available for mapping in the action's setup.


Want to be able to do more with Campaign Monitor or have another question? Let us know at