How do I integrate with ConvertKit?

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With the ConvertKit direct integration, it is now easy to integrate your forms.


We support the following actions:

  • Add Subscriber to Sequence
  • Add Subscriber to Form
  • Add Subscriber to Tag

Connect your ConvertKit account

  1. From the form editor, go to After Submission → Integrations & Webhooks.
  2. Under "Direct Integrations" select "ConvertKit".
  3. Select an action.
  4. Click "Add Account +", find your API secret according to the instructions, enter the secret, and click "Connect ConvertKit".
  5. Continue setting up the action, if desired.

You can remove or rename your ConvertKit account at any time in your account settings.

Set up an integration action

Let's cover a good step toward automating your workflow: adding a subscriber to a sequence.

Add a subscriber to a sequence

A sequence is a series of one or more emails where each email is set to deliver in one or more hours or days after the last email and may be restricted to certain days of the week.

  • Email — Insert an email address for your subscriber.

All remaining fields, including any custom fields, are optional.


Want to be able to do more with ConvertKit? Let us know at