Quick integrations are slash commands designed to speed up the process of setting up some direct integrations. This is achieved by creating new questions and automatically mapping these questions to a new integration.

This is really useful if you're creating a form specifically to integrate with an existing spreadsheet or database - as you can automatically create both the questions and the integration all in one go.

Currently, there are two supported quick integrations:

  • Import questions from Google Sheets
  • Import questions from a Notion Database

How do I set up a quick integration?

  1. In the "Form Editor", type / and either scroll down to the "Quick Integrations" section, or type in the service name (e.g. "Google Sheets") to search for the desired integration. When you've found it, click it to open the setup view.
Type / to see the direct integration
  1. Follow the prompts to import the questions
Follow the prompts
  1. Your questions will appear in the form, and a new direct integration action will now be listed within After Submissions → Integrations & Webhooks.
Newly added group of quesitons

What next?

Quick integrations are a shortcut to creating the questions and integration - you can now go ahead and change question titles and types to best suit the form and the integration will continue to work as expected.

If you want to add or remove new questions to the integration or modify the mapping of questions, you can edit the integration like any other integration under After Submissions → "Integrations & Webhooks".