What is Make and how do I use it?

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Make (formerly Integromat) is a powerful online automation platform. It helps you connect your Paperform forms with other apps that you use, so when your forms are submitted you can kick off an entire workflow automatically.

Getting Started

To use Paperform on Make, you first need to connect your Paperform account with Make.

You'll need to have an account with

  • Paperform
  • Make

Be sure to create a Paperform account or create a Make account if you don't have both already.

Connecting your Paperform account on Make

Follow Make's general instructions for connecting to services.

Creating a scenario

  1. Add a new module in the visual scenario editor.
  2. Search for "Paperform" in the list of services and select it.
  3. Select the "New Submission" trigger.
  4. Select "Add" to the right of the "Webhook" selection dropdown.
  5. Give your webhook a name, select a Paperform connection, and select your desired form.
  6. Once saved, this will serve as your webhook — a connection to a specific Paperform form.

Stuck on Step 5?

Make sure you review Make's documentation on connecting to services from the previous section.

Screenshot of the Paperform module in Make

Using Make

For details on how to use Make, have a look at their Help Center.

Here are a few very helpful articles to get started:


I can't find the questions from my form to use in my scenario

When you first set up the Paperform module, Make pulls in some basic, general data that every form should have — a baseline structure. This initial structure does not include your specific form's questions and possible answers quite yet since Make hasn't received anything from the form by this point.

To fix this, you should:

  1. Click "Run once" in the bottom left-hand corner of the scenario editor on Make.
  2. While Make is now waiting for data, go submit the corresponding form on Paperform.
  3. After a brief delay, Make will receive the data from the submission and stop waiting for data.

Now the module will have all the necessary questions from your form and the answers you used in your most recent submission, letting you map your data to other parts of your scenario as desired.


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