You can easily connect your Adobe® Creative Cloud Libraries to your Paperform and access your assets.

When building your online form with Paperform you have the ability to add images, GIFS, and customize the colors of your form with your Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries assets.

The first time you attempt to load an asset from your Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries, a window will open prompting you to log into your Adobe Account.

Once successfully logged in you have the ability to select and add your asset to your form.

How to add an asset

To add an asset directly to the form body, you can use the slash command typing ‘/adobe’ and select Adobe Creative Cloud from the dropdown menu.


You can import image files and GIFS from your Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries throughout the form editor, including on the form body, multiple-choice question fields, custom PDFs, dynamic success pages, and under Configure > Details (browser icon and social cover image).

When following the prompts to add an image to your form, you can select Creative Cloud from the options.


Any place you can select a color, you can also click on the "Choose from Creative Cloud" button in the color picker widget, or by clicking on the Creative Cloud icon.