How do I integrate with Mailchimp?

The Mailchimp logo

Our direct integration makes it easier than ever to connect Mailchimp with your forms!

Connect Mailchimp to Paperform

  1. In the Form Editor navigate to After Submission → Integrations & Webhooks.
  2. Click on "Mailchimp" under the heading "Direct Integrations". Choose from the list of possible actions on the dropdown list provided.
An image showing the button to add new actions for a Mailchimp integration, which has the Mailchimp logo and a title with the text "Mailchimp".
  1. Click on "Add Account +" to connect your Mailchimp account, prompting a popup window to appear requesting you log in and give permission for Paperform to connect your Mailchimp account.
An image showing the pop-up required for connecting Mailchimp to Paperform.
  1. Once the popup window closes, your account will be successfully connected to Paperform!

You can remove or rename your Mailchimp account at any time in your account settings, but note this will also affect any forms using this integration connection.

Setting up an Integration Action

Our Mailchimp direct integration is built to be flexible around your use case, so we offer a number of different actions and functions.

Below you'll find an example of how to configure one of these actions.

Add Subscriber to a List

This action will add a subscriber to the list of your choice using the answers passed through your form submissions.

After setting up your Mailchimp connection for the action, complete the fields presented. The list of fields and what they do can be found below;

  • List - The list your subscriber will be added to
  • Email address - The email address for the subscriber.
  • Require Double Opt-in - This option instructs Mailchimp to send your subscriber an email for them to confirm their addition into your mailing list.
  • Columns - A list of the supported configurable columns for your subscriber.

Once you have finished configuring the action, click the "Send Test" button at the bottom to test out the action. If you're happy with the results, click "Create" to finish setting up the action. This will automatically be live for future submissions.


Receiving the response "Merge Fields Invalid"

Usually this is because unexpected fields on MailChimp are marked as "Required". For optimal operation of Paperform's direct integration with MailChimp, ensure only the "Email" field is marked "Required" within your MailChimp account.

Sending a Test for your action

For the "Send Test" button to work, you must have a recent submission that contains data for the fields being used in your integration action.

If you don't have a recent submission with the correct data set then you may encounter unexpected behaviors with integration action, or it may outright fail.