How do I integrate with Drip?

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With the Drip direct integration, it is now easy to integrate your forms.


We support the following action(s):

  • Create or update a contact
  • Add subscriber to campaign

Connect your Drip account

  1. From the form editor, go to After Submission → Integrations & Webhooks.
  2. Under "Direct Integrations" select "Drip".
  3. Select an action.
  4. Click "Add Account +" and follow the prompts to connect your Drip account.
  5. If successful, your account will be connected and automatically selected in the action.
  6. Continue setting up the action, if desired.

You can remove or rename your Drip account at any time in your account settings.

Set up an integration action

Let's cover a common use case: creating or updating a contact.

Create or update a contact

The only required fields are:

  • Account — Choose the account to add the contact to.
  • Email — Insert the email of the contact.

You can set or update a number of default and custom fields for contacts, including, but not limited to:

  • First and last name
  • Address
  • Tags
  • EU Consent

Additionally, any custom fields you created in Drip will be pulled in so you can set or update them in the action.


Want to be able to do more with Drip? Let us know at