What are Basic vs Advanced features in the 'Theme' settings?

Theme & Form Customization Breakdown

The Paperform form builder gives you a lot of control over how your form looks and behaves.

Using the theme section - the teardrop icon in the top-right of the interface - you can customize standard theme settings, Typography, UI Elements and add Translations.

The general styling of questions, text font, weight, size, color, headings, background images and more all exist within these settings, as well as changing the other UI elements, and even adding custom CSS. Here's a breakdown of what will be available to you, depending on your plan.

Screenshot of Paperform's settings showing Theme Settings, Typography, UI Elements, and Translations.


On Essentials, you have default (basic) styling capabilities like adding a background image, setting an active color, and choosing a font/size for your headings, question titles and descriptions.

Pro and Agency

With Pro and Agency, you have access to higher levels of control, including:

  • Customize Submit button color, font, or style.
  • Customize pagination (page) font or color.
  • Create Custom Styles (on Essentials you'll still have some default options, but you won't be able to create a custom font style and apply it to any text to make sentences or words pop, which is what this offers).
  • Import existing Theme styles.

Agency only

Custom CSS and HTML is only available on Agency only, and you can find commonly used class names here.