Can I add a form as a popup on my site?
Use our popup button, or make any element on your website show a Paperform in a popup when clicked.
Can I change my form's width when embedding it as a popup?
There is no official way to make the form area any smaller, but CSS might help.
Can I embed a form without the background?
In order to embed a form without a background, change the form's background transparency.
Can I embed a payment form in a non-SSL page?
Payments will still work when embedded on non-secure pages; however, it is not recommended.
Can I embed my form in an email?
You can't embed a form into email as email clients don't support the technology required for embedding our forms.
Can I speed up my embedded form's load time?
There are a few ways to increase the load time of embedded forms.
Embedded form JS API (draft)
You can listen for submission and page change events using our draft API.
Embedding Guide
To insert a form into another page or service, you'll want to embed it. We'll cover the various methods, attributes, and considerations for embedded forms.
How can I embed my form in a React app?
You can embed your form in React with just a bit more work than our standard embed.
How do I embed a Paperform form in Webflow?
Embedding your Paperform forms in a Webflow site is easy, here's how to do it.
How do I embed a Paperform form to Squarespace?
Embedding to Squarespace is different from a standard embed. Here are Squarespace embedding instructions, and tips on fixing any issues you have.
How do I embed my form with AMP?
You can embed a form using the 'amp-iframe' element.
How do I use the iFrame fallback method for embedding?
You can use an iFrame element to embed your form when JavaScript is prohibited.
Is the form mobile-friendly when it is embedded?
Our forms are mobile-friendly and work across all devices.
My dropdown question is cut off when embedded. How can I fix it?
Dropdown menus can be cut off when there isn't enough space at the bottom of the form. Increase this space using blank lines to fix the problem.
What is oEmbed and how can I use it with Paperform?
Paperform is an official provider supported by Embedly. This makes embedding Paperform forms super easy for the thousands of sites that utilize Embedly directly, or the oEmbed protocol.
Why doesn't my embedded form work?
Ensure the website supports JavaScript embeds and that the embed code is correct.