How do I embed my form with AMP?

Once you have your AMP page set-up, you can follow the steps below to embed your form.

Embedding your form

  • Paste the code snippet below into your AMP page just before the end of the <body>. This script is required by AMP to make the <amp-iframe> component work.
  • Paste the code snippet below into your AMP page where you would like your form to be embedded. You need to update the FORM_URL placeholder with your actual form's URL. You can find this in the form editor within Share → Social & URL.
  sandbox="allow-scripts allow-same-origin"  


There are a few requirements from AMP that must be considered:

  • You may only use a custom <amp-iframe> element on your website. This means that, for the purposes of embedding a form, you may only do so using the fallback iframe embed method.

  • The <iframe> will not load if it is within 600px or 75vh of the top of the window when the page is loaded, whichever is smallest. You need to position the <iframe> at least that far down.

  • If your <amp-iframe> element contains a placeholder, it is not subject to the 600px or 75vh rule explained above. For further details on adding placeholders to your site, pleade refer to AMP's documentation.

  • If the page is refreshed while the <iframe> is within 600px or 75vh (whichever is smallest) of the top of the window then the <iframe> will fail to load. There is nothing you can do to avoid this, it is a limitation of an AMP <iframe>.

  • PayPal is not currently supported in AMP pages, so forms with PayPal connected cannot be embedded successfully in AMP pages.