Can I embed a form without the background?

In order to embed a form without a background, change the form's background to transparent and then embed it to your site using our regular embed codes. Just set the background to transparent in "Theme" in the topbar of the editor.

Screenshot of the opacity slider and A value for the Background Color

  1. From the form editor, navigate to "Theme" from the upper right-hand corner of the editor.

  2. Once in "Theme", open the color picker from either:

    • Theme Settings → Colors → Background Color, or
    • UI Elements → Background → Background Color
  3. In the color picker that appears, set the opacity to 0 (transparent) using either option:

    • Set the slider underneath the colorful slider to the leftmost value.
    • Change the "A" in RGBA to a value of 0.

    Whether you set the slider or change "A" to 0, it will set the other for you and your background will become transparent.