How do I use the iFrame fallback method for embedding?

Some services prohibit the use of JavaScript, which makes our standard embed code unusable. The good news is that you can you still embed your form in an iframe. All you need for this is the URL of the live form.

Example HTML snippet

<iframe frameborder="0" width="100%" src="FORM_URL?embed=1&inline=1" height="HEIGHT"></iframe>

Replace FORM_URL with the full URL to the form (don’t forget the https:// part).

Required configuration

  • Replace FORM_URL with your actual form's URL, including the https:// part.
  • Set the height of the iframe by replacing HEIGHT with the desired height of the form, in pixels .

If the form is taller than the height you specify, the form will scroll inside the iframe. Otherwise, it will sit neatly on the page.

I don't know which HEIGHT to use

If you're unsure which height you'll need, try height="400" to get started. You can always size up or down later once you see what it looks and feels like when embedded.


There are some downsides to using an iframe:

  • The form cannot be dynamically resized to take up the space needed by the form.
  • PayPal payments are not supported.
  • The form cannot change the scroll position of the page. If the form changes height drastically, like on page changes or submission, the user may not be scrolled to the right position on the page.