Are taxes included in my Paperform subscription payments?
Your invoices, found at, will display any relevant taxes included in your fees.
Can I customize my invoice receipts?
Yes, you can by selecting "customize receipts" on the receipts page in your account dashboard.
Can I only pay for Paperform using credit or debit card or can I use another method?
Credit or debit card is the only method by which you can purchase and continue to pay for a Paperform subscription plan.
How are changes to my plan billed and charged; do I only pay the difference?
If you make a change to your paid Paperform subscription, you only pay the difference and don't forfeit any charges already made toward your subscription. This does not include cancellations, only changes in plan type and length.
How do I cancel my Paperform account?
You can cancel your Paperform account in your Account Settings. Paying customers are not able to suspend or pause their account, only to cancel and reactivate. Expired trial accounts can be reactivated at any time by upgrading to a paid account.
How do I make changes to my Paperform plan?
You can make changes to your Paperform plan through your Account Settings.
How do I reactivate or reinstate my account?
If you have a canceled account, or if you have an expired trial, you're able to reactivate your account by purchasing a subscription through your Account Settings.
How do I upgrade or downgrade my paid plan?
You can upgrade or downgrade between plans in your Account Settings
In what currency are Paperform subscriptions charged?
Paperform subscription charges are made in USD.
Is it possible to have receipts sent to a different email address than mine?
Yes, to change your billing email to one other than your account email, make a request at
What is Paperform's refund policy?
You can find Paperform's Refund Policy at
Where can I find and download my Paperform plan receipts?
You can access, view, and download your Paperform Receipts via your Account Settings in the Paperform Dashboard which can be found at