You can access, view, and download your Paperform Receipts via your Account Settings in the Paperform Dashboard:

  1. Go to your Account Settings via the avatar located at the top right of your Paperform Dashboard.

  2. Select the 'Billing' tab to the screen's left.

  3. Scroll down to Billing Portal – a portal where you can manage your cards, billing address, tax IDs, or find and download your plan receipts.

    To download a receipt, click on the Billing Portal and scroll to the billing history. Any business address, tax ID or other tax information that you entered could also be added to the invoice.

Please note that a Stripe receipt will be automatically issued to your billing email upon payment, but you can also access them in the dashboard.

If you can't find historic receipts, please go to to view and download these.

You're also able to add your business info so that it appears on receipts. For more information about this article, see our article on customizing those receipts.