How are changes to my plan billed and charged; do I only pay the difference?

Manage you subscription.

If you make a change to your paid Paperform subscription by upgrading, downgrading, or changing the length of your plan between monthly and annual billing, you only pay the difference and don't forfeit any charges already made toward your subscription. We charge on a prorated basis, whereby you are only billed for the period you're using a specific plan. The only exception is cancellations - you can't purchase an annual subscription, cancel 6 months in, and then expect a refund. Here's more detail on specific changes you might make to your plan:

Changing plan types: upgrading or downgrading plans

If you upgrade from a lower-paid plan to a higher-paying plan, you will only be billed for the upgrade from the time you've made it to the end of the billing period. You'll be charged whatever the difference is immediately with a separate invoice to your usual billing. For example, if you upgrade to a higher plan halfway through the billing period, you will be billed for the difference for the remainder of the month, and it will be charged immediately.


So, the first bill when you start on a monthly plan of $100 would be charged at the beginning of your subscription. Then, if you upgraded to a $200/month plan exactly halfway through the month, you'd be billed an additional $50 to pay the difference for the rest of the month, which would be charged immediately. Your next bill would then be for a full $200/month. The payments that will be processed are $100 (start of the billing month), and then $50 for the upgrade (mid-month), and finally, you would then continue to be charged $200 thereafter.

If you downgrade, the same prorated billing applies, however, you will be credited the amount rather than debited.

Changing plan lengths: monthly and annual subscriptions

If you change from a monthly to an annual subscription billing interval, or vice versa, any unused time will be credited to your new billing interval. For example, if you are halfway through an annual subscription and then move to monthly billing, half of the annual cost will be credited to your account. These funds can't be refunded; they can only be credited to your account.