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8 Powerful No-Code Tools to Help Build Your Business

No-code tools are the future of creating applications. Here’s how your business can take advantage o...

24 Jun 22 / Vivian Tejeda
How to Make a Header Image for Google Forms

Here: the recommended Google Forms header image size is 1600x500 pixels at an aspect ratio of 4:1. R...

10 Jun 22 / Jack Delaney
The 12 Best Integrations in 2022

With these 12 integrations, you can automate everything from reminder messages to data an...

10 Jun 22 / Eliza Frakes
How to Use Zapier Integrations to Improve Your Work

Zapier integrations can streamline your business workflows while saving time. Here are all the ways ...

31 May 22 / Vivian Tejeda
7 Best Discord Integrations to Supercharge Your Server

Looking for the best Discord integrations to automate tedious tasks and help manage your server? Loo...

25 May 22 / Eliza Frakes
How to add Ranking Questions in Google Forms

With no dedicated solution, adding a ranking question in Google Forms takes some creativity.

20 Apr 22 / Eliza Frakes
18 Google Sheets Formulas and Hacks to Simplify Your Work

Let’s dive into the Google Sheets formulas and hacks that’ll make your life easier, help you find ou...

20 Apr 22 / Laura Wilson
15 Great Zapier Alternatives to Automate your Workflows

Looking for a worthy alternative to Zapier? In this guide, we've reviewed the best automation platfo...

20 Mar 22 / Eliza Frakes
The 12 Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins for Your Online Store

In this guide, we curate a list of the best eCommerce plugins to get your online store up and runnin...

10 Aug 21 / Franc Lucas
10 Best WooCommerce Alternatives to Create Your Store

Looking for an alternative to WooCommerce? In this guide, we cover the 12 best eCommerce websites an...

2 Jul 21 / Jack Delaney
The Best WordPress Form Builder Plugins in 2022

In this guide, we curate a list of the best form builders for your WordPress website.

28 Jun 21 / Laura Wilson
How to Add a Contact Form in WordPress

With Paperform's WordPress plugin you can add a simple contact form to your WordPress website withou...

23 Jun 21 / Jack Delaney
How to Start Your Own Online Magazine

Digital magazines open new revenue streams and help position your business as a leader in your indus...

16 Mar 21 / Jack Delaney
How to Record a Webinar in 10 Simple Steps

In this guide, Allison from Demio outlines the ten steps you'll need to plan and record a fantastic ...

17 Jan 21 / Allison Grinberg-Funes
How to Make a Stunning One-Page Website with Paperform

Looking for an alternative to traditional websites? In this post we'll show you how to create a one-...

13 Jan 21 / Jack Delaney
10 Great Canva Alternatives for Effortless Graphic Design

Looking for a good alternative to Canva? In this guide, Sandra Goh reviews the best graphic design p...

8 Jan 21 / Sandra Goh
How to Open a Yoga Studio: 5 Actionable Tips from an Expert

Marketing wiz Chandelle Hay shares her exclusive tips on how to open a (successful) yoga studio.

4 Jan 21 / Jack Delaney
How to Create an HTML Contact Form from Scratch

Creating HTML forms can be a pain - that's why we've created this easy to follow guide to help you a...

22 Dec 20 / Jack Delaney
Google Forms vs Surveymonkey vs Paperform: A Full Comparison

How do Google Forms and SurveyMonkey compare to Paperform? We've gone through the features of all th...

9 Dec 20 / Jack Delaney
Survey Analysis: How to Analyze Survey Results

Even the best survey won't be effective if you don't know how to analyze your survey data - here's o...

3 Dec 20 / Jack Delaney