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no-code hacks
no-code hacks
What is a webhook, anyway?

A webhook automatically sends data from one application to another in real-time. Learn how they work...

no-code hacks
How to create an interactive presentation and keep viewers engaged

Presentations don't have to be mind-numbing. With these 8 tips, you can make an interactive presenta...

no-code hacks
Cross-tabulation analysis: what it is and how to use it

Cross-tabulation isn't as intimidating as it sounds. In this post, we'll walk you through what it me...

no-code hacks
The 10 best Google Forms add-ons

Boost your Google Forms productivity with these 10 powerful add-ons. From data validation to surveys...

no-code hacks
How to add ranking questions in Google Forms

With no dedicated solution, adding a ranking question in Google Forms takes some creativity.

no-code hacks
18 Google Sheets formulas to simplify data management

Let’s dive into the Google Sheets formulas and hacks that’ll make your life easier, help you find ou...

no-code hacks
10 Best WooCommerce Alternatives to Create Your Store

Looking for an alternative to WooCommerce? In this guide, we cover the 12 best eCommerce websites an...

no-code hacks
How to Add a Contact Form in WordPress

With Paperform's WordPress plugin you can add a simple contact form to your WordPress website withou...

no-code hacks
In-depth Review: Google Forms vs. Surveymonkey vs. Paperform

How do Google Forms and SurveyMonkey compare to Paperform? We've gone through the features of all th...

no-code hacks
Survey Analysis: How to Analyze Survey Results

Even the best survey won't be effective if you don't know how to analyze your survey data - here's o...

no-code hacks
13 Types of Surveys (And How to Use Them to Improve Your Business)

With so many kinds of surveys, it can be difficult to know which is right for you - this guide will ...

no-code hacks
Survey vs. Questionnaire vs. Poll: What Are the Differences? (With Examples)

Wondering what the differences are between a survey, a questionnaire, and a poll? Allow us to explai...

no-code hacks
How to Create an Incident Report (Best Practices & Templates)

Need to know how to create an incident report? Look no further.

no-code hacks
How to Start a Fundraiser in 6 Simple Steps

Everything you need to know about starting a fundraiser online.

no-code hacks
The best BPM software in 2023

To help you streamline and manage your business processes, here are nine of our recommended tools.

no-code hacks
9 powerful automations to transform your business

Business process automation is the use of technology and tools to automate repetitive tasks to save ...

no-code hacks
4 Easy Ways to Test the Usability of Your Website

For a business, running usability tests is the easiest way to make improvements that are backed by d...

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