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Product Updates: January to June 2024

Here's a summary of what we've shipped for Paperform and Papersign since January 2024, from new feat...

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What is a binding vs. non-binding contract?

Distinguish between binding and non-binding contracts to understand their legal impact and creating ...

What is a contract clause?

Uncover the importance of contract clauses, their various types, and how they form the backbone of a...

Does your signature have to be your full name?

Ever wondered if signing with a squiggle or just your first name cuts it? Dive into the nitty-gritty...

In-depth Review: Google Forms vs. Surveymonkey vs. Paperform

How do Google Forms and SurveyMonkey compare to Paperform? We've gone through the features of all th...

The 12 best graphic design tools in 2024

We curate a list of the best graphic design software in 2024, from Adobe Creative Cloud to Figma.

10 home office upgrades to level up your WFH setup

These office upgrades can help you bring more peace and productivity to your work-from-home setup.

How to start an online bakery business

Bake your way to online success with our handy guide and easy-to-use bakery templates.

Six templates to streamline employee review season

Explore easy tips for better employee reviews and see how Paperform can make the whole process a bre...

The basic principles of design—and how to apply them

Master the principles of design and apply them effectively. Unleash your creativity with these essen...

What is the difference between an RFQ vs. an RFP?

Explore when to use RFQ, RFP, or RFI for procurement efficiency in our expert guide. Make informed d...

Typeform vs. SurveyMonkey: which is better in 2024?

Discover their unique features, ease of use, and analysis capabilities

What is a unilateral contract?

Explore the essentials of a unilateral contract, uncovering its definition, key features, and real-w...

The 13 best UX design tools for designers in 2024

Explore the top UX design tools of 2024— from Figma to Webflow and everything in between.

10 standout UX design portfolio examples to inspire your own

Our top tips for creating an eye-catching UX design portfolio that helps you stand out.

Navigating NDAs: A guide to non-disclosure agreements

Explore the fundamentals of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and learn how they safeguard sensitive ...

What is a contract rider? Everything you need to know

Discover the essentials of contract riders—what they are, how they function, and their significance ...

What is an employment contract?

Uncover the key elements of employment contracts, their legal significance, and how they define the ...

What is an invoice number and do I need one?

Explore the essentials of invoice numbers: their purpose, structure, and significance in tracking pa...

What is a request for information (RFI)?

Delve into the intricacies of Requests for Information (RFIs) and how they can be a catalyst in maki...

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