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Jack Delaney
How to electronically sign a PDF on Mac

Wondering how to sign PDF documents on your Mac device? Mystery solved.

Jack Delaney
23 Aug 23
How to add an electronic signature in Microsoft Word (5 easy steps)

We'll walk you through how to sign a Word doc—and offer a much better alternative.

Jack Delaney
14 Aug 23
How to insert signatures in Google Docs

Learn how to add a signature to Google Docs and discover a more modern eSignature solution.

Jack Delaney
1 Aug 23
How to insert an electronic signature in Microsoft Excel

Want to use Microsoft Excel as your digital signature platform? It's your funeral.

Jack Delaney
15 Jul 23
Employee Spotlight: Alex Yoo, Customer Success Specialist

Learn about Alex's journey, passions, and what attracted him to work at Paperform.

Jack Delaney
31 May 23
Employee Spotlight: David Weinberger, Head of Growth

Take a look at David's routine, how he balances family and work, and what he loves most about workin...

Jack Delaney
12 May 23
Employee Spotlight: Josh Cuneo, Lead Developer

Take a look at Josh's journey from cafe owner to web dev, and learn more about his passion for build...

Jack Delaney
28 Apr 23
Employee Spotlight: Jozella Roque, Customer Success Lead

Learn more about Paperform's Customer Success Lead, from how she starts each day to the values she h...

Jack Delaney
5 Apr 23
6 ways to automate lead management with Paperform and Zapier

Discover how to use these Paperform and Zapier integrations to automate repetitive tasks.

Jack Delaney
7 Mar 23
How to upload a file to Dropbox (and automate it with Paperform)

Never miss a file upload again—learn how to securely store files using Dropbox, as well as how to au...

Jack Delaney
26 Feb 23
How to send Paperform responses to Google Sheets

Want to learn how to add Paperform responses to Google Sheets automatically? This step-by-step guide...

Jack Delaney
28 Jan 23
Semantic differential scales: A comprehensive guide

Learn about the semantic differential scale, a powerful tool for measuring attitudes and perceptions...

Jack Delaney
20 Dec 22
How to create an HTML contact form

Need to make an HTML contact form? We'll walk you through how to do it, provide code for you to copy...

Jack Delaney
31 Oct 22
Guest posting on the Paperform blog

Everything you need to know about writing for the Paperform blog.

Jack Delaney
1 Sep 22
How to make a header image in Google Forms

Here: the recommended Google Forms header image size is 1600x500 pixels at an aspect ratio of 4:1. R...

Jack Delaney
10 Jun 22
Collect feedback in style with the new rating field

Introducing a new, visually engaging way to collect feedback from customers, users, or colleagues.

Jack Delaney
13 Apr 22
Transformed: The Story of Paperform’s New Visual Identity

Paperform has a fresh new look! In this post, we give a behind-the-scenes look at the process—from t...

Jack Delaney
8 Mar 22
A Brand New Image Editor to Revolutionise Your Designs

Our new Image Editor empowers anyone to import, edit and optimise images without leaving Paperform.

Jack Delaney
8 Feb 22
Employee Spotlight: Meet Jozella Roque, Customer Success Lead

Employee Spotlight is a series that features interviews with the members of Paperform's global team....

Jack Delaney
5 Nov 21
E-commerce vs ecommerce: how is it spelled?

How do you spell ecommerce? With no clear-cut answer, we set out to find the correct spelling once a...

Jack Delaney
27 Aug 21
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