Collect Feedback in Style with the New Rating Field

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Jack Delaney

Introducing a new, visually engaging way to collect feedback from customers, users, or colleagues. Whether you're trying to improve your business, or plan the perfect movie night, you can now do so in style with our Rating field.

There is a time and place for long, conversational surveys, but sometimes you just need an avenue for customers, students, employees, or anyone else, to offer quick-fire feedback. Enter: rating questions.

Our Rating field is a new question type that allows you to collect ratings from 1-10 using a variety of icons—stars, hearts, thumbs up, users, or a custom image of your choice. And, with advanced logic support, you can easily calculate an average rating, or trigger actions to occur based on certain ratings.

Let’s take a look at the new field, and show a few ways you can use it.

How it works

The Rating field works the same as any other field in the Paperform editor. Just select the question type from the menu, or type /rating using our no-code slash commands.

screenshot of a rating question in form field

From there, you can jump into the settings to tweak it to your liking. You can:

  • Choose from preset icons (stars, hearts, thumbs up, users)
  • Upload custom images
  • Select a range from 1-10
  • Set conditional logic triggers

💡 Tip: With the custom option, you can upload two images: one for when 'selected', and one for when 'not selected'. For example, if you used the built-in star icon, and a respondent chose 4/5 stars, 4 of the stars would be filled (selected), and 1 star wouldn't be filled (not selected).

Common use cases

The Rating field is useful across a wide array of uses and industries. Below are just a few uses you may find handy for your business. (Click the 'Use Template' button to apply them directly to your Paperform account.)

1. Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys allow you to calculate how likely customers are to recommend you to a friend on a 10-point scale. You could use simple thumbs up or star ratings, or upload custom images of your product for a bit of branded flair.

2. Customer Satisfaction

By grouping a collection of rating questions, you can collect feedback on individual elements of your business, while highlighting specific areas for improvement.

You can even generate an overall score based on the answer to each question. Just add a Calculation field, select each rating question, and apply an 'average' formula.

3. Employee Reviews

Rating questions are excellent for collecting customer feedback, but they're also a simple, low stakes way to check in with employees.

Consider measuring employee engagement with heart ratings, or upload pictures of Michael from The Office. The choice is yours (Michael, obviously.)

4. Course Evaluation

Give your students a chance to give you five thumbs up by measuring how satisfied they were with your course. You'll be able to better meet their needs, and identify areas to improve for your next cohort.

Rating questions are also a great self-evaluation tool for students after a quiz or assignment. Baking this into a course can help you monitor student performance throughout the year (you can even use logic to automatically schedule a meeting when a student gives a low rating!)

5. Movie & book reviews

Running a book club? In charge of your college film society? Use rating questions to gauge the opinions of members before chatting further in person.

You can set a text field to appear conditionally for deeper criticism, and collate everyone's scores to create a master rating for your club—it's like your own mini Rotten Tomatoes.

Getting started

The new Rating field is now live on Paperform accounts across all pricing tiers. Just log in to get creating. Not yet a customer yet? Sign up for 14-day free trial to give it a go for yourself—no credit card required.

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