Employee Spotlight: Alex Yoo, Customer Success Specialist

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Jack Delaney

Welcome to our Employee Spotlight series! With each post, we'll introduce you to one of the talented and diverse individuals on our global team. You'll get a unique look at the people behind the company, learn what working at Paperform is really like, and find out more about our company, values, and mission. So far you've met Josh Cuneo and David Weinberger.

Meet Alex Yoo, or as he is affectionately known by the team, 'Yoozy.' Based in sunny California, Alex transitioned from a dynamic career in music production and event management, as well as the Crypto/Web3 space, to join us at Paperform. A true problem solver, Alex thrives on assisting customers and exploring the intricacies of Paperform's advanced features. Whether he's developing form templates, crafting helpful articles, or finding new and exciting ways to use Paperform, Alex is driven by his passion for our platform and our mission.

What does your day-to-day workday look like?

I start by checking in on Slack for any updates or company news I might've missed. Then I get stuck into project time (all Customer Success team members get time to work on other projects). I might be working on form templates, help articles, or just playing around with Paperform.

When my support shift starts, I grab another cup of coffee and get to assisting customers!

Why did you join Paperform?

When I first started digging into Paperform, I was overwhelmed by the capabilities of the platform. My mind flooded with potential use cases, and I was just really excited by the product.

But as I got deeper down the rabbit hole researching the company, I found what I really connected with was Paperform's mission statement—to help people spend less time on work, and more time on the things that matter.

Once I met with Dean, Diony, and Jo I knew for sure that I wanted Paperform to be my 'work-home'.

What were you doing before you joined Paperform?

Before joining Paperform, I was a bit of a jack of all trades. Alongside my main role working in the Crypto/Web3 space as a Community Manager and Moderator, I had gigs as a Production Manager, Audio Engineer, and a Lighting/Video Technician. I worked in the events industry for many years.

Which one of Paperform's values do you care about the most?

Spend less time on work and more time on things that matter.

What's one of your favourite things about working at Paperform?

The satisfaction of assisting and overcoming a customer's roadblock. More often than not, the customers of Paperform are super appreciative and understanding, and the gratitude they display provides a really nice rush of dopamine.

What is your favourite thing about your team?

The camaraderie! There are countless times when I've seen every team member rise to the occasion and go above and beyond for another teammate.

How would you describe the culture at Paperform? What makes it different from other jobs you've had?

Dean and Diony have cultivated fantastic people to make up Paperform. Everyone is so different, yet we all mesh so well together.

What's your favourite Paperform feature?

The calculation field. I was impressed with this feature before I got on board, but it still, to this day, remains the coolest feature to me!

What's your favourite Paperform integration?

Discord. It is an app that I use daily.

When you aren't working, what can we find you doing?

You can find me playing with my dog, Zuko, noodling on the bass, hiking/camping, grooving at a concert, kicking back with friends, playing video games, or making some tunes in and out of the box.

  • 🍔 Favourite food: Korean food. It's in my blood! I have to give ramen and tres leches cake honorable mentions though.
  • 📚 Favourite TV series: Cowboy Bebop.
  • 🏌️ Favourite weekend activity: Going to a concert or music festival.
  • 🎬 Favourite movie: Everything Everywhere All At Once.
  • 🏝️ 3 items you'd take to a desert island: Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival, a knife, and a hand-crank satellite phone.

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