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Kat Boogaard
How to write a contract in 6 easy steps

Struggling to write a contract? This guide has common sections, examples, and tips to help.

Kat Boogaard
13 Nov 23
How to write an invoice in 5 easy steps (steal our template)

Figuring out how to write an invoice for the first time can feel daunting. This guide will help with...

Kat Boogaard
18 Oct 23
DocuSign vs. Adobe Acrobat Sign: A detailed guide

Trying to determine the winner in the great Docusign vs. Adobe Sign debate? Here’s what you need to ...

Kat Boogaard
16 Oct 23
Begin with a bang: 5 tips for unforgettable client onboarding

Client onboarding is a crucial time in client relationships—but it’s also a fragile one. Here are fi...

Kat Boogaard
16 Oct 23
Are electronic signatures legally binding?

Explore eSignature legality—learn key compliance steps, regional regulations, and how Papersign simp...

Kat Boogaard
12 Oct 23
5 ways electronic signatures make hiring more efficient

The hiring process comes with a lot of paperwork and e-signatures save time, money, stress, and mist...

Kat Boogaard
8 Sep 23
Form design: best practices for beautiful forms that convert

Form design is more than a few finishing touches—it impacts your form’s appearance, functionality, a...

Kat Boogaard
8 Aug 23
7 ways to boost form conversion rates

Your form conversion rate indicates how many people completed and submitted your form. Here are seve...

Kat Boogaard
28 Jul 23
The 7 best eSignature apps in 2023

When you need a way to e-sign documents, there’s no shortage of options. Here are the need-to-know d...

Kat Boogaard
20 Jul 23
Wet signatures vs eSignatures: which is right for your business?

A wet signature is the traditional, pen and ink signature. But in most cases, electronic signatures ...

Kat Boogaard
20 Jul 23
6 reasons it’s time to adopt eSignatures in your business

If your business collects a lot of information and signatures, using e-signatures is non-negotiable....

Kat Boogaard
20 Jul 23
How to reduce workplace stress

Chronic and extreme stress is bad for your brain and your body. Use these stress management techniqu...

Kat Boogaard
18 Jul 23
A guide to successfully hiring your first employee

Hiring your first employee is an equally exciting and scary step as a business owner. This guide has...

Kat Boogaard
17 May 23
Email capture: best practices and must-have tools

Email capture is the process of collecting a person’s email address. Here’s how to do it right, alon...

Kat Boogaard
10 May 23
ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp: which email marketing tool is right for you?

Here’s what you need to know about the ActiveCampaign vs. Mailchimp matchup so you can choose the ri...

Kat Boogaard
26 Apr 23
10 email list building strategies that actually work in 2023

Stuck with a stagnant list of subscribers? These straightforward email list building strategies will...

Kat Boogaard
25 Apr 23
The jargon-free guide to customer satisfaction metrics

Customer satisfaction metrics give you a quantifiable understanding of how your customers feel. Here...

Kat Boogaard
17 Apr 23
Email anxiety? How to develop a healthier relationship with your inbox

Chained to your inbox? Here are some steps to get some breathing room, start some positive habits, a...

Kat Boogaard
30 Mar 23
8 Slack tips and tricks to be more productive

You’re probably not making the most of Slack. Check out these Slack tips and features to turn Slack ...

Kat Boogaard
29 Mar 23
Dropbox vs Google Drive: Which cloud storage tool is best?

There are a lot of strong opinions on the Dropbox vs. Google Drive debate. We sorted through them al...

Kat Boogaard
22 Mar 23
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