In addition to Scoring and Custom Pricing Rules we also offer a Calculation question type which allows you to use simple functions and operators to make calculations based on a user's answers.

Using Calculations, you can work with a user's responses to calculate and optionally display a value. Calculations questions included detailed help documentation and examples within the configuration page for the question:

To configure a Calculation question:

  1. Make sure you have all the fields you want to work with added to the form.
  2. Create a Calculation question and open the configuration menu.
  3. Write out the code for your calculation referring to the built-in documentation. Use actual values at first to confirm your calculation works as expected

4. Then replace the actual values with answer piping tags as required.

You calculations will be included in the submission.

The above example calculates an average score for a restaurant review form that looks like this:

Check out some more examples below.


Calculate appointment duration:


Live preview

The live preview is based on the most recent submission of that form. This means that the preview may not be what you expect. A good way to test this out definitively is to either submit the form yourself and compare the results or make the calculation temporarily visible so you can see its value in real-time while filling out the form (toggle hide this question off).

Referencing other calculations within a calculation

You cannot reference other calculations within a calculation using answer piping. If you need part or all of another calculation, you may copy and paste the relevant part of the other calculation in the calculation you need it in.