Peer Evaluation Form Template

It's a challenge for managers everywhere to improve their employees' performances and increase their organisations' overall efficiency. A peer evaluation form (also known as a peer review) will help drive employee engagement, provide different sources of feedback and even foster team building.

This form template is perfect for those looking to collect information from customers or partners about their business and brand. However, it can easily be adapted to an educational setting. Simple adapt some of the fields to your unique needs. You may also like to add your company's logo, tweak the colours and add some images to represent your organisation better.

To collect the names and surnames of your responders, you can use the text field (the default field which appears when adding a new question). We have over 27 question fields for you to choose from. You can add multiple-choice or drop-down questions to make it easy for your responders to select among the pre-defined options.

Optionally, at the end of your form, you can collect the signatures from your responders — use the Signature field for that.

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