15+ Assessment Form Templates

Assessment forms might get long and complicated, and yet they need to be beautiful and pleasant to fill out. Check out how to create a perfect assessment form with Paperform.

Thanks to Paperform's visual block-based editor, creating online assessment forms feels just like writing an online doc. You can add more than 20 question-fields anywhere on the page, embed images and video, break your forms into pages, customize the navigation, and theme your forms as you like.

One kind of assessment form that you might be looking to create is a Brand & Marketing Assessment. A good idea might be first to add your company's logo, fonts, and colors to the form. Then proceed to add the question fields. You might ask your responders Yes/No, multiple-choice or open-ended questions about their company's brand and marketing strategy. Finally, you can add a product-selection field and let your responders pick the services that they would be interested in purchasing. Optionally, they can even complete the payment without leaving your online form.