Interview Evaluation Form Template

Interviewing (and hiring in general) is a tough job. If you're a recruiter or a business owner, I'm sure you'd agree with that. One of the most challenging parts is objectively evaluating the candidates and eliminating any conscious or subconscious biases during the conversation.

One of the effective and broadly used techniques for streamlining the interviewing process is creating a hiring scorecard to evaluate the candidates in real-time. Now, you've got two options: either use a pen and paper, or use a digital evaluation form. The latter one has a number of obvious advantages. First of all, filling out an online interview evaluation form is easier (just one tap to assign a particular score). Secondly, online forms are more secure and reliable. After all, papers get lost or stolen all the time, while digital submissions are stored securely in the cloud account.

We created this beautiful interview evaluation form template to help you get started. Make it yours now!