Preschool Evaluation Form Template

Preschool evaluation forms are a great way to determine a child’s critical skills development and school readiness.

To begin with, figure out what kind of feedback you are looking to collect. When creating the preschool evaluation form, you can use any of the 27+ question fields best suited. However, pay special attention to the following form fields:

  • Use the Text Field to collect information like the full names of your responders and descriptions of the child.
  • Use the Rating Field to express an opinion about the child's reading level, social and language skills, and apparent intellectual development. Scale questions help collect data that is easy to analyse.
  • Use the Slider to gather faster, more interactive ways to evaluate on a numerical scale.
  • Matrix to display multiple scale questions in a user-friendly way. These display best on the desktop.

For more information on what question fields to use, check out our blog article on survey questions.

You can ensure that your form matches your preschool's brand with Paperform's powerful editor. In the Theme settings, you can change the colours, fonts, background, and images and customise the look of the UI elements like a navigation bar.

Have fun creating with Paperform!