Job Evaluation Form Template

If you're looking to create a job evaluation form, you've come to the right place. We created the form template below to help you get started faster. Click the button "Use this template" to import it into your Paperform account.

Job evaluation forms might be helpful in a number of different cases. If your organization is employing multiple freelancers at a time, for example, you might use such an evaluation form to collect feedback on their work and performance. Alternatively, job evaluation forms might be helpful to assess the performance of your internal employees.

This template features two pages and a number of different fields. The question "Which aspects did the individual meet?" is a multiple-choice field that permits the responders to pick more than one answer. There's also a Likert Scale question (a popular option when evaluating something) below, enabling the responders to assess the performance on a scale from 1 to 5.

When editing your form, you can easily change the field types or add additional questions. Potentially, you might even add a scoring system to your form — with the final evaluation score either displayed on the after-submission page or emailed to a designated address.