Business Evaluation Form Template

This form template is perfect for those who are looking to collect information from customers or partners about their business and brand. However, if you work for any kind of agency, you can easily make this form yours and adapt it to your needs.

Hit the button Use this template below and start working on your form. First of all, you might add your company's logo to the form and tweak colors to make it better represent your company. If you want, you can also tweak fonts, add images, or embed videos.

To collect the names and surnames of your responders, you can use the text field (the default field which appears when adding a new question). For emails, addresses, or phone numbers — it's always better to use the specialized question-fields. You can also add multiple-choice or dropdown questions to make it easy for your responders to choose among the pre-defined options.

Optionally, at the end of your form, you can also collect the signatures from your responders — use the Signature field for that.