Student Feedback Form Template For Teachers

Receiving feedback from students or participants is a fantastic way of improving your eLearning courses. When your course is over, capture feedback easily with this template.

Paperform's interface is very intuitive and makes it easy to edit forms. First of all, you might want to add a visual at the top of your form (perhaps a photo with the participants or a cover of your course). That might help your participants to remember their experience immediately and will get them engaged on the emotional level.

Next, customize the form questions. This student feedback form features a few dropdown fields — you might easily replace those with multiple-choice of open-ended questions if you prefer.

All of your form submissions are stored securely in your Paperform's cloud account. You can easily download them anytime in the format of your choice. Otherwise, you can also integrate Paperform with Google Sheets or other third-party apps and synchronize all the data automatically.

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