Incident Report Form Template

An Incident Report Form is crucial if you're running a team that might be vulnerable to physical injury or harm. You can also customize this form if you're looking to collect reports of incidents within your company that require further review or action.

When creating the incident report forms, pay attention to the following form fields:

  • Use the Text Field to collect information like the full names of your responders and descriptions of the incident.
  • Use the Email Address Field to collect email addresses.
  • Use the Date Field to ask your audience to enter a valid date using a standardized format.
  • Yes/No Field could be very useful for collecting quick responses from your responders. Based on those Yes/No answers, you might also customize your form's flow using conditional logic.

Once you receive an incident report, you might send your responder an automatic email confirming their submission and possibly explaining what their next steps are (instructions on what to do, when to expect the reply from you). You might also integrate your incident report form with third-party apps like Google Sheets, so you'd never again have to synchronize the data manually.

To learn more about the best practices of creating incident reports, check out this guide on Papeform's blog: How To Create An Incident Report (Best Practices & Templates) .