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Build trust and confirm consent via online forms. Paperform enables you to build branded and beautiful forms to collect the consent to terms & conditions, data collection and processing, medical or parental permissions.

First of all, select the form template which best fits your purposes. Create your Paperform account and click on the Use this template button — your form will be imported into your workspace and become editable. Now you can customize your question fields. Are you expecting to collect consent from multiple people? If yes, it might be a good idea to add the text and email fields to collect their names and contact information. You can also add additional questions to let your responders upload images and files, select their country of residence, or provide their address and ZIP code.

Don't forget to customize your forms. Under the Theme menu, you can change your form's background image, tweak colors and fonts, customize the navigation and other UI elements.

Finally, figure out whether you want your responders to confirm their consent by inserting a signature online. Paperform allows you to do that thanks to its special Signature field, which you can add to your online forms.