Photography Consent Form Template

If you're a photographer, you might be obliged to collect photography consent from your clients and models. Two options here: sign a physical paper (a so-called wet signature), or use an online form. While the ultimate decision is up to you, we strongly recommend going with the latter option.

Collecting consent and e-signing documents is so much easier online. First of all, you can prepare the document beforehand and send it to the person you're planning to photograph. Secondly, once your consent form has been submitted, the data is stored securely in your account and cannot be lost (unlike a piece of paper).

Ready to build your bespoke online photography consent form? Check out the template below that our team prepared for you. It already has all the fields you might need. All you have to do is:

  1. Import it into your Paperform account
  2. Add your company's logo and change the theming
  3. Send it to your clients