Photo Release Form Template

This photo release form allows an individual, institution, photographer, or company to obtain consent to use photographs of the other party for commercial and personal use. Release forms make sure that there are no grey areas when it comes to the ownership of the photos. It could be a simple agreement or a rather complicated document that sets very precise boundaries around the use of photos and has an expiry date.

An online photo release form is much simpler and more convenient to fill out than its paper alternative. Once your form is live, you can easily forward it to your partners via a direct link and receive a confirmation once it's submitted.

Below is a sample photo release form template that we built for you. Hit the button to clone and import it into your Paperform account. You might notice that the first page of the form is just informational and lists out all the conditions of the agreement. The second page collects the personal information of the releasor and lets them leave a signature to confirm the agreement.

Once submitted, all the information will be stored securely in your Paperform cloud account. You can also integrate your forms with third-party services like Google Sheets or even your internal database.